Lake Management

Aquatic weed & algae control, water quality, fish stocking, fountain services and more, for residential, commercial and municipal properties

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Water Feature Management

Water Features are wonderful additions to any landscape but require special care to keep them working properly, clean, and beautiful. Aquascape Environmental can help!

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Stormwater Management

Detention and retention pond services, maintenance, and repairs

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Fisheries Services

Fish population analysis, sport fish & grass carp stocking, liming & fertilization

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Consulting Services

Lake & stream evaluations, water quality, sediment and habitat impact assessments

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Stream restoration, erosion & shoreline stabilization, and native plant revegetation

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AquaBlog Latest Entries

Tires for Miles

During a regular run of lake management tasks, Aquascape’s staff can stumble upon a host of interesting items. These are generally plumbed from the bottom of ponds and lakes during routine maintenance. Most of them are¬†useless trash that is disposed of in a... read more

The Chattahoochee Alligator!

Folks, it’s real! We’ve always been told that alligators can’t withstand a winter as far north as metro Atlanta, but we have photographic evidence to the contrary! The gator pictured here was photographed in early March of this year in Cochran Shoals... read more

Foam- it’s not just for the ocean!

It’s actually possible to see a crest of foam on the surface of your creek or stream. Where does it come from?¬†Water, like other liquids, have molecules that are attracted to each other. This attraction creates surface tension on top of the water. When leaves,... read more